Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! Ex Green Hill dogs WON'T be back to Green Hill!

BREAKING NEWS! Ex Green Hill dogs WON'T be back to Green Hill!

The law court of Brescia definitely stated that the dogs saved from Green Hill, Italian beagle breeding facility, are not going to be Marshall Farm's property anymore, the dogs can be adopted by foster families!

PS. These are good news, but it doesn't mean that Green Hill is closed (in fact GH is just temporary closed) the destiny of Green Hill depends on the trial (4 of GH workers and owners are charged with animal cruelty, the judge could decide to revoke their breeding licence) & also on Italian Senate that started a discussion about a bill that could ban the breeding of dogs, cats & primates for research purpose in Italy; more news about this issue in the next days. Every update about Green Hill will be posted HERE

Original post by LAV (Italian Anti-Vivisection League)


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